Secret Signals

Established in 2012, Secret Signals is an artist development/label services firm based in Singapore focused on providing international and regional labels & artists with marketing, business development and public relations in Asia.

We’ve worked with over 200 artists to date – from Grammy-winning stars (FINNEAS, Bon Iver), buzzworthy independent acts (MAX, dhruv, vaultboy) and regional artists (Shye, Ramengvrl, Weird Genius) & more.

In addition to artists and labels, we also assist brands and businesses with music consulting and partnerships in the region.

Where we are different is that we take a holistic approach to a label and business’ brand and growth in Asia, helping them grow and build sustained and long relationships with the media, platforms and fans in the region.

Contact Details:
Kevin Wiyarnanda
Country Manager, Indonesia
[email protected]